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We have already made substantial progress in building a safer and more reliable system - and are bringing direct jobs and long-term economic benefits right to your community. Here is the latest on our progress.

PG&E today (Dec. 19) provided state regulators with its comprehensive proposal for 2015-17 to continue maintaining and modernizing its approximately 6,750 miles of gas transmission pipelines and extensive storage facilities, which serve more than 4.4 million customers over an area of 70,000 square miles.

The plan expands on the utility’s current program to comprehensively test, inspect, and upgrade the safety of its gas infrastructure. It will help meet some of the toughest new state safety standards in the country, now required of all California gas pipeline operators.

“Our plan to invest in 21st century infrastructure will serve customers by helping PG&E become one of the safest and most reliable gas utilities in the country,” said Nick Stavropoulos, executive vice president of PG&E for Gas Operations. “Our detailed filing identifies the risks, sets clear priorities, and lays out the work that needs to be done to modernize our system to meet some of the strictest safety standards in the nation.” Read More.

Blog-TrainingFor the new entry-level employees we’ve hired in Gas Operations since 2011, PG&E instills our culture of safety from the very first day through an intensive safety “boot camp.” Their first three weeks of “on-the-job” training takes place at a special PG&E facility in San Joaquin County. They learn critical skills that will keep them, their coworkers and, most importantly, the public safe as they do their jobs maintaining our reliable gas network. Take a closer look.

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Blog-SanRamonA new Gas Control Center that just opened in San Ramon is a cutting-edge facility that provides PG&E technicians the high-tech tools, reporting and displays they need to monitor the entire PG&E gas system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get an insider’s view of the center with this short video tour.

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