21st century infrastructure

A 21st Century Infrastructure for a 21st Century Economy

California is back on the right track, and our economy is finally growing. But to keep growing – and to keep attracting and retaining high-wage employment and the industries of the future – we need to invest in a 21st century infrastructure.

This new upgrade is part of that overall mission – to create a modern natural gas infrastructure, along with our other investments in the electric grid, renewable energy and energy conservation to help keep the California economy growing.

Study after study has shown the direct link between investment in basic infrastructure and long-term economic growth.

This long-term benefit is significant – and there are immediate short-term benefits as well. Local communities throughout California see improvements to their energy infrastructure and thousands of jobs are created directly or indirectly through this investment. Spending on our diverse workforce, contractors and suppliers would support an estimated 10,750 jobs per year in California, business sales of about $1.8 billion a year, and about $75 million a year in state and local tax revenues, according to an economic analysis.

And this investment brings other profound benefits, like:

  • Seismic Safety: To prepare for and minimize damage to pipelines from earthquakes, PG&E proposes to complete 98 fault crossing studies and nine projects to strengthen pipeline infrastructure in populated urban areas over the period 2015-2017.
  • Storage Reliability: PG&E plans to implement six to eight projects each year to reduce the threat of equipment failures that could lead to a loss of storage capacity and reliability.